Clients are co-designers throughout the process

Clients and users of each space are invited to be members of the design team. It is important for us to listen and closely understand the motivation for and purpose behind the project, as well as the optimal ways it will be used. Every project begins with a collaborative kick-off meeting to learn about our clients’ perspective. Shared check-in meetings continue throughout the design and implementation processes to gather client input and approval along the way.



We share architectural knowledge to foster better decisions

Our clients are experts about their design vision. We are experts on how to bring that vision to life. It’s our job to share various design options with pros and cons of each to help our clients decide which choice best meets their needs in terms of materials, layout, cost, and use. We think it’s valuable for clients to be knowledgeable about the architectural design decisions.



Transparent quality control leads to cost and time savings

We are committed to providing a technology-enabled clash detection report for every project. By using Building Information Modeling (BIM), we problem solve any structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing issue before a single shovel is put into the ground. amoARCH is more capable of mitigating major errors and omissions than most other architecture firms. Our highly-skilled use of BIM on every project translates to cost and time savings for us and our clients.